You're welcome to the lead sheet for performance purposes, but if you would like to record the song, please negotiate that with me (I would probably love it!)

Closer to Home
©1999 Su Elliott

There's a place that's calling me onward
Out of shadows and dreams I come from
And I know where I'm going because I am changing
As I keep getting closer to home

And it seems that all that prevents me
Is the fear of the new and unknown
It would take but a breath to free me completely
As I keep getting closer to home

I can hear a voice and I'd follow it gladly
If I only knew which direction to turn
But the day will come when nothing can hinder
I'll finally be able to learn

How to use the pain as a beacon
To move in the direction it's shown
For my heart is hurting because it is growing
As I keep getting closer to home.